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Mobile houses that fit MY needs

About the houses | modules in general

The mobile houses are produced according to an improved system for building prefabricated houses.

Fabrication Guidelines

When building mobile houses, we follow the following guidelines:

  • to create a house according to the latest guidelines for wooden/natural construction,
  • to use natural materials,
  • to construct everything according to the best design and with excellent quality,
  • to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding client,
  • if required by the client, to build in top-notch technology (independent power plant, rainwater reservoir, smart installations, high-quality audio-video system, etc.),
  • to ensure the highest possible level of living comfort in the mobile house,
  • to obliterate the line between living in a conventional house and a mobile house
  • to separate ourselves from other manufacturers in every possible way.

Weather Conditions

We perform a calculation of statics for every single house, considering the layout of the house (depending on the height, the snow zone and the wind speeds). Because of the high quality insulation used in the segments of the mobile houses, we can ensure comfortable living in all weather conditions.

Supply & Delivery

We deliver the houses in two phases, namely:

  • UNFURNISHED - outside façade, windows, all installations, coloured white on the inside, flooring in value of 15.- €/m2, RHENOFOL roof foil, white interior doors, completely furnished bathroom, power switches, power outlets
    Surcharge: heating, cooling, blinds, electrical/manual shutters, mosquito nets, intelligent installations, solar panels, ...
  • FURNISHED – any custom equipment by customer request.
  • Equipment and Technical Data

    The furniture is manufactured in combination with solid wood and particleboards with wood finish of different colour combinations.



    Any questions left unanswered? Send us an inquiry, we can accommodate ourselves to various wishes and requests!


    The modules can be combined and assembled with each other by wish. The width of the modules is 2.5 to 4.0 m, heigth is 3.3m

    We manufacture modules of sizes reaching from 15- to 60 m².

    Click the image below to see all available Module sizes!


    The base is made of solid longitudinally glued timber.


    The facades can be:

    • ventilated larch facade,
    • classical facade with a final coat,
    • ventilated facade made of ESAL plates,
    • ventilated facade made of MAX plates,
    • ventilated glass facade,
    • stone facade.


    In addition to classical wooden windows, a half glass (outer side) half wood (inner side) version is also available - a novelty in the market.

    These windows have superb characteristics and require no maintenance in the long term, sice there is no wood on the outer side.

    The possibility of ordering just the windows is also available.

    Window schemes

    Additional offer

    Additional parts (such as extended roofs, terraces, ...) are also available:

    • terraces made of natural wood (larch, exotic woods),
    • wooden pergolas,
    • shading of terraces (tent, sunshade and sail),
    • terrace on the roof, accessible by external stairs.

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